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Explore New Market

Making the first step to enter a new market takes some courage and a lot of navigation. ExportRim has built a network to assist potential new exporter navigating a new market and establish important and strategic local relationship.

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Develop Export Channels

Once an export opportunity is identified, ExportRim can assist exporter to develop the process and infrastructure required for successful exporting. Such effort could be very complicated and much different from the exporter original market, and without the assistance of a local expert, an exporter may risk their golden opportunity to secure market share in a new market, or worse face unexpected regulatory issues.



Manage Sales Relationship

To gain long term success in exporting, an exporter requires local experts to manage their local operation, as well continue support in growth opportunities. ExportRim’s experts have years of experience in this area to handle day to day operation and tackle unexpected problems.

ExportRim Value Added Partners possess the deep knowledge to manage local trade opportunities.

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