Virtual Representative

Agile local sales team to control your human resources cost

Hire a virtual representative to manage the day to day export operation in a local market. The virtual representative provides crucial back office support, without the heavy cost of running an independent rep office. The range of back-office activities a virtual rep may take on includes:

  • Executing order requests from customers

  • Local point of contact for customers, government agencies, and other service providers

  • Administrative liaison for paperwork filing, accounting, translation

  • Assist in managing marketing and promotion

  • Coordinate with approved marketing and advertising agents

  • Provide timely sales report and market updates to your management

Depending on the needs, ExportRim can arrange one virtual rep for smaller export opportunities, and multiple virtual reps to cover larger export business and in multiple locations. Some of the virtual representatives may take on double duty as sales agents – check each profile for full details.