Sales Development

Speed up your market entry with local sales experts

Sales agents approved by ExportRim provides complete sales consulting services and guidance on the full sales cycle in the local market.

Initiate Sales
ExportRim sales agents can assist in profiling potential customers, research market potential, and make initial contacts, including setting up meetings.

Develop Sales
After the potential customer is identified, ExportRim sales agent can move swiftly to generate substantial interest and identify the true needs of the potential customer.

Complete Transactions
If a potential customer shows genuine interest, ExportRim sales agent can negotiate business terms and secure the sale. ExportRim trade expert can then assist in export and delivery.

After Sales Service
ExportRim sales agent can be tasked to collect feedback and follow up on any issue following the sale. It can also assist in maintaining customer relationship to generate the next sale.

Successful export business cannot be achieved without trustworthy partners and customers. Asian partners and customers often make decisions on good first impression alone, and that happens often in meetings. ExportRim sales agent can assist in arranging and coordinating first and follow-up meetings with potential partners and customers, as well as being a business companion to drive a successful interaction.