Exhibition Services

Full support to maximize your exhibition effectiveness

Exhibitions are a key promotion channel to reach potential distributors and end customers in Asia. Thousands of exhibitions, covering a large variety of categories, take place each year across the region. The vast amount of choices create a challenge in selecting a relevant exhibition for your product and customer base, and strategy to attract ideal distribution partners with the best intention. ExportRim works with local exhibition experts to help you tackle those challenges.

ExportRim’s exhibition service is customized for each exporter but is generally designed under three stages.


ExportRim local experts prepare suitable exhibition strategies to align with your export goals, including:

  • Selecting appropriate exhibitions

  • Registering and reserving the best available spot

  • Develops a plan for each exhibition, including logistics, visual design & collaterals

  • Promoting your presence to potential distributors.

Based on the exhibition goals and budget, our local expert will design a plan for your considerations.


During exhibition 

Exhibiting in a foreign country in an unfamiliar setting without local assistance can almost guarantee a less than satisfactory result. Our local expert will be on-location to assist with logistics, booth organizing, liaising with exhibition staff, assisting with distributor meetings, and other tasks that ensure the success of your exhibition.


ExportRim will sort out new contact information, and promptly follow-up with your new contacts to capture any potential export opportunities. Many exporters do not properly follow-up and negotiate deals after an exhibition, and the lost opportunity could be costly. What we typically do includes:

  • Country-specific preferred follow-up channels

  • Evaluate each distributor and provide briefing

  • Negotiate further meetings or calls to close deals

  • Product updates and samples distributions

ExportRim’s Post-exhibition service is an essential solution to increase the chance of success in developing new export channels.