E-Commerce Presence

Fastest way to develop local demand for your products

The leading growth driver in many regional markets in Asia is from eCommerce. While Asia has plenty bustling metropolis, outside of the urban area may have insufficient real estates infrastructure for retail. With improving the logistic system and expanding online payment service, eCommerce allows consumers even at more remote areas to enjoyed selections not available to them before. In urban cities, consumers rely more on eCommerce to take advantage of the convenience and more selections from around the globe. Consumers in the largest cities can even request eCommerce operator delivering within merely 12 hours after placing an order. To win market share in Asia, eCommerce is an element that must be considered.

ExportRim has a network of experts with deep knowledge of eCommerce operation across Asia, and can offer catered service to establish a region-specific eCommerce presence. The eCommerce experts can

  • Recommend suitable eCommerce platforms and conduct research on related categories
  • Develop plan to work with established merchants and/or create standalone account
  • Set up eCommerce operation, train dedicated team/share service representatives.

Digital Marketing

For new export entrant, digital marketing is the more economical way to promote to target niche market. This allows receiving quick feedback that is crucial to entering a new market, as well as the flexibility to improve tactics used in a campaign.

ExportRim works with a number of social media agencies across Asia. Many offers packaged plans, with a variety of execution methods and fees to cater to each regional market’s situation.

Social media coverages include popular chat platforms, online video sites and social networks.