About ExportRim

ExportRim makes it easy for any business to develop and expand trade with Asian countries.

ExportRim merges proprietary software technology and top trade experiences to bring to the global market a reliable and resourceful trade solution focusing in Asia. Our integrated business system is designed for any size companies to build and grow international trade systematically. ExportRim helps your organisation to bridge language barriers to reach key decision makers.

Through ExportRim, members can explore known or identify potential opportunities through a comprehensive set of features.

Active Business Matching

Identify the best companies to match your business criteria. ExportRim active matching algorithm automatically searches thousands of top companies from Asian countries Selecting the right supplier to meet your corporate policy. You can define over a hundred factors like price, capacity, social responsibilities, environmental concerns, fair workplace and more.

Bridging Language Barrier

Communicate directly with Asian business decision makers. Most decision makers prefer to access business related information in their own languages. ExportRim platform bridges this through our multilingual marketplace, communication assistance and professional services to help businesses bridge this very important barrier.

Connecting New Business

ExportRim understands the importance of face-to-face meeting to connect with the right contacts for your business. Join our partners’ events, industry-specific roadshows and private meetings with key decision makers. We work together with trade organisations to provide to access to thousands of international contacts.

Delegating Professional Assistants

For members who require on-demand resources, ExportRim provides access to a network of local authorised partners. ExportRim local experts can effectively assist with translation, virtual sales agent, direct channel management, social media promotion, export document preparation, trademark registration, negotiation, and even putting together export delegation for exploring trade opportunities.

Export Channel Management

Enterprise members can access ExportRim network of channel managers and database of buyers. Contact our professional trade services team for an initial consultation. We help to drive your international marketing plan, manage quotas and provide country-specific market intelligence.

Fast Track Insights

Keep updated with quick insights on country-specific policies, trade statistics, incentives and international trade related resources.